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July 2018 ISSUE:
JULY 2018 - VOLUME: 1, ISSUE: 3
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1. Planetary Urbanization and its Discontents: Preliminary Foundations for Reconceptualizing Urbanism
Gerardo del Cerro Santamaría
2. Solutions of A Class of Congruence of Multiple of Prime-Power Modulus of Higher Degree
Prof. B. M. Roy
3. Infrastructural Dilemma and Nigerian Development: An Exploratory Study
Ahmed Shehu
4. Principals’ Personal Variables and Management of Statutory Records in Secondary Schools in Akwa Ibom State of Nigeria
Emanghe, Emmanuel E. and Udedeh, Christian C.
5. Les Defis De L’integration Regionale En Afrique De L’ouest
Ayeni Queen Olubukola and Oben Bassey
6. Quantification of Hospital Waste in Kinshasa in the Democratic Republic Of Congo (Rd.Congo): Cases of Four Health Facilities
Wanduma, K., Lulali, K., Mwabi, N., Mukaya, M., Mulaji, C., Biey, M.
7. Actigraphic Assessment of Sleep Quality in Patients before and After Lumbar Facet Denervation by Radio Frequency
Ozan Ganiüsmen, Ali Samancıoğlu, Güven Çıtak, Aykut Akseli
8. Relationship between Teachers’ Attitudes towards Challenging Behaviours and the Choice of Management Strategies among Learners with Autistic Spectrum Disorders
Dr.Khasakhala Edward Okaya
9. Efficacy of Amikacin Antibiotic to Uropathogens Isolated from Patient’s Urine Sample Causing Urinary Tract Infection in Selected Areas of Dhaka City, Bangladesh
Mohammad Asaduzzaman, Zahid Hasin, Susanjit Kumar, Taslima Akter, Md Jahangir Alam, Farha Matin Juliana, Nazmul Hossain, Biswajit Das, Runa Asma

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