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September 2018 Issue:
September 2018 Issue - VOLUME: 1, ISSUE: 5
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1. Subtle Influences Shaping Student's Beliefs, Thoughts, Attitudes and Behavior
Dinah K. Nyamai
2. Legal Gridlock and The Doctrine Of Necessity The Nigeria Situation In Perspective
Tarms Isreal Kagbala. B.A. (HONS), M.A, ED, LLB, BL,
3. Readability Index Analysis On The Level At Which Students Write: A Case Study Of Bolgatanga Polytechnic
Galaa Eric, Cletus Ganaa and Charles Daarta Nanglakong
4. The Role and Effect Of Language And Ethnicity In Nigerians’ Political Climate
Tarms Isreal Kagbala, Esq., Ahiakwo Chima, Bidein Francis and Agahowa Oyenmwen Magdalene
5. Movement, Play and Sports as Prevention and Health Promotion in Childhood and Adolescence
Georgios F. Zarotis
6. Clinical and Therapeutic Aspects of Sexual Violence ReceivedatYalgadoOuedraogoTeachingHospital, Burkina Faso
Sawadogo Yobi Alexis, Ouedraogo Issa, Zamane Hyacinthe, Kiemtore Sibraogo, Toure Boubakar, Kain Dantola Paul and Ouedraogo Charlemagne R. Marie
7. Optimization of Desert Date Particles Reinforced Composite for Vehicular Instrument Panel
Maidawa, H., Bello, A.A., Tokan, A., Bala, A. and Balami, I.
8. Weathering the School Climate: Role of Teachers’ Conflict Management Styles
Perla Adarayan-Morallos
9. Revisiting the Issue of Resistance to Bribery in A. S. Ogundimu’sA Silly Season
Célestin Gbaguidi

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