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Manuscript Preparation

New Records, Full length Papers, Review Studies, Mini Reviews, Short Communications, Case Studies and Survey Papers will be submitted to our Journal for publication.The authors may be asked to declare that the manuscript has not been submitted to any other journals for consideration at the same time or any other time.Soft copy in the form of MS word complete in all respect should be submitted as an e-mail attachment file for quick processing of the paper ( The author(s) will be responsible for the authenticity of the contents of the paper submitted by him/them.

Format of manuscript

The submitting manuscript should be typed in Times New Roam Font 12 with 1.5 line spacing and wide margins on four sides of A4 paper and must be written in English. First page of the paper considered as title page in which author should mention title of the research article (Font Size-Times New Roman, 16), the names of all authors (Font Size-Times New Roman, 14), complete address of Academic Institution/Research Stations/Laboratories, where work was conducted and active e-mail Id's of corresponding author along with contact number should be provided.

The Manuscript should be arranged as below mentioned order to make the review process smoothly.


The abstract should not be exceeding 300 words and it reflect the concept of the paper and key findings of the results of your work.


Detailed review of the literature is not needed, and it should compare with the findings of the previous studies related to your work and conclude with objectives of the investigation.

Materials and methods

If your manuscript having new methods, they should be elaborated clearly for replication of the research work. If existing methods are used for your study citation must be given. A modified method has been used for your study a detailed description should be needed.


Results should be clearly presented along with tables and figures. Statistical significance must be mentioned.


Must relate the authors investigation to other previous studies in broad area of the research work and do not recapitulate the results.

Tables and Figures

Arabic numerals were used for both tables and figures they should be numbered continuously. Tables and figures should be typed on separate sheets bearing a short title preferable in horizontalform in MS word.

Model Table and Figure with Legends

Table 1. Variations in Biochemical components in wild and farm reared crustacean species

Figure 1.Variations in Biochemical components in wild and farm reared crustacean species
References in the Text

While mentioning the references in running text, for single author it should be quoted as author name and year of publication (Preethi, 2000).In case of two author (s): both author's names and year of publication (Mamathaand Siva, 2016). If your manuscript contains more than two authors, the reference should be quoted as first author name followed by "etal.," (Hussain et al., 2014). Group of references must be quoted in chronological order (Sudhakar et al., 1990; Meghana Reddy et al., 2003; Wesley Nafarnda et al., 2016). If you notice more than one paper in the same year, that time the references should be quoted as (Siva, 2009a; Siva, 2009b; Siva, 2009c). The total references of the manuscript should be arranged in alphabetical manner (A-Z Format) after conclusion section.

Examples of References


Chaturvedi, N., Shukla, K. and Vishnoi, D. 2015. Appraisal of alkali treated malting on proximate composition and antioxidant activity of Amaranthuscruentus. J. Global. Biosci., 4(9): 3291-3300.
Fattah, N., Mina, M. and Amir, S. 2014. The structural model of performance based on the Empowerment of University staff. Bull. Environ. Pharm. Life Sci., 3 (1): 95-101.
Raby, T. and Shilpa, K. 2017.Seroprevalence and Recent trends of Dengure in Rural area of South India. Int. J. Curr. Microbio. App. Sci., 6(1): 36-41.


Hossain, P.R. 1998. Studies on Reproductive dynamics of fishes. Ph.D. Thesis, University of Chittagong, Bangladesh, 123 pp.
Sravanthi, M. 2014. Studies on some biochemical and genotoxic changes organophosphorus pesticides in agriculture sprayers of Krishna district, Andhra Pradesh. Ph.D. Thesis, Nagarjuna University, Guntur, 110 pp.

Monograph/ Book

AOAC, 1990. Official methods of analysis. 15th Edition, Washinton, DC, 222-245 pp.

Chapter in Book

Lin, K.J., Lu, P.S., and Xu, S.P. 1999. Recent trends in Agricultural Sciences. In: Liou, A.X., Limtin, S.J., Pubmler, A.S. and Saddam, S.J., (Eds.), University of King Sud, Riyadh, 101-107 pp.


RubiyaBenazeer, K.H., 2000. Socio-economic conditions of fisherman community. In: Althaf, B.H., Hossain, R.L., Mahafa, S. and Saleem, P.L. (Eds.). Proceedings of the 21st International conference on Socio-economics, Bangladesh,412-312 pp.

Abbreviations and Units

Standard abbreviations and SI units are strongly recommended. Authors should define the abbreviations while first time using in text, later no need to write in full use the abbreviated form (For Example: Centre for Distance Learning (CDL) and High-Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC). Chemicals used in the experimentation must mention with the generic names. Genus, species names must be in italics.
While preparing manuscript the units motioned below are recommended
For Length: m; cm; mm, nm; For Mass: g; kg; mg; ng, pg; mol; mmol; For Volume and Time: l; ml; s; min; h; d; For Radiation: Bq, Ci, dpm, Gy, rad. For Concentration: M; mM; mmol/l; mg/l; mg/ml; %(v/v); % (w/v); ppm; ppb.

Page Proofs and Reprints

As our journal is promoting open access publications on monthly basis, authors are requested to provide active email address. The corresponding author will receive the page proofs through e-mail from Editorial staff once the review has been completed. The final corrected proof should be submitted within four days of receipt. Hard copies of the final paper will not be provided; authors should download unlimited copies of the manuscripts from our website.

Article Processing Charges

International Journal of Current Innovations in Advanced Research (IJCIAR) makes constant effort in Collaborating with Global Universities and getting citations from different International citation agencies. As IJCIAR is not getting outside funding so authors are requested to pay a nominal amount of cost for the smooth running of the journal in an efficient manner.Nominal Processing fee is collected from authors to meet the expenses for Editorial fee, Electronic Publishing and for Web maintenance.

Important Note

For author convenience format of the model manuscript is placed in website. Kindly follow the guidelines mentioned in it. If author guidelines are difficult to understand or any assistance needed during manuscript preparation feel free to contact the editorial office through e-mail:

Submission Checklist

  1. Corresponding author: Name, Postal Address, Active E-mail Id, Contact Number
  2. Manuscript should be in a single file along with tables, figures and graphs
  3. Tables and figures should be arranged at the appropriate positions
  4. Manuscript has been grammar checked and spell-checked
  5. All figure captions and tables (including title, description and footnotes)
  6. All references have been checked for accuracy and completeness
  7. Clinical trial registration number, if applicable.

Editorial Policy

Authors are requested to design their manuscripts according to the instructions given in author guidelines. For your better understanding download the sample paper/template for style of paper which is placed in journal website. Submitted manuscripts which do not follow the style and scope of the journal may be returned to the corresponding author and request to resubmit again for consideration.

Responsibilities of the Editors in the Journal

Once we receive the manuscript from the author (s), the Editor-in-chief/Associate Editor will first decide whether the manuscript meets the basic criteria specified in author instructions and whether it fits within the scope of the journal. The Editor-in-Chief/Associate Editor of IJCIAR will consult the technical editors for clarification regarding the scope of the journal; upon receiving favourable response from the technical editors we will begin the review process of your submitted manuscript.
  1. Editors should give proper and concise guidelines to the authors for better completion of the review process in time.
  2. Editors should maintain the confidentiality and respect the author intellectuality.
  3. While reviewing the submitted articles, editors should treat all authors with honesty, fairness and transparency.
  4. For rapid peer-review process of the articles, editors should create a base line system for smooth running of the Journal.
  5. Editors should create awareness to the authors regarding the journal policies before submitting an article/manuscript to our International Journal.

Peer Review Process

Peer review process is the system used to assess the quality of the manuscript before it is considered for publication in our Journal. In peer review process we will send the article for evaluation for subject experts in the relevant scientific field to assess the submitted manuscript/article for their originality, academic standards, importance, technical contents methodology, ethical nature and finally quality and suitability of the journal. All manuscripts are subjected to double bind peer review process which will be completed in one week and final decision will be taken by Editor-in-Chief/Associate Editor of IJCIAR.

After review process, possible decisions on a manuscript are
  1. Accept the manuscript as submit (with routine editing)
  2. Accept the manuscript with suggested revisions
  3. Possibly accept after extensive revision of the manuscript
  4. Reject the article/manuscript
If minor revision is required authors are requested to return a revised version of manuscript to the Editor-in-Chief within three days and if major revision is needed author (s) should return their manuscript within one week.

Final Decision

After favourable opinions of referees, Editor-in-Chief/Associate Editor is made the final evaluation. The articles accepted for publication by editorial team are placed in immediate issue.

Reviewers Responsibilities of the Journal

  1. Reviewers are requested to treat all types of articles assigned for review as very confidential documents and maintain secrecy until review process has been completed.
  2. Authors and reviewers are requested to should not communicate each other during review process.
  3. Reviewer comments on submitted article should be constructive and professional
  4. The peer review process should be completed in stipulated time for smooth running of the monthly issues in time.
  5. Reviewer comments should address the merits of the research work and also requested to mention the demerits. Suggestions should be given still improvements if required in the final manuscript.
  6. A reviewer should respect the independence of the author(s) and maintain academic integrity and intellectuality during review process.
  7. Reviewers should not retain copies of submitted articles for any purpose.

Plagiarism Policy

International Journal of Current Innovations in Advanced Research is maintaining highest standards regarding research quality, integrity and specially avoidance of plagiarism and academic misconduct.

While submitting manuscript to IJCIAR

  1. The authors are requested to write in their own words. Any other words and phrases contained in their submitted papers should be cited or quoted.
  2. Submitted manuscript should contain correct data and a proper description of the methodology used, that will allow others to replicate an experiment. Inappropriate statements and plagiarism are not acceptable.
  3. Authors are requested to check the plagiarism before submitting a manuscript to our Journal. There are several free software available in online.For example and

How is Plagiarism Handled

The manuscript in which pragmatism is detected are handled based on the extent of plagiarism

Less than ( <10% ) plagiarism

The manuscript will be assign with an ID and the same is sent to reviewers/editors for review.

In between (11-30%) Plagiarism

The manuscript will not assign with an ID and the same is sent back to author for content revision.

Greater than (>30%) Plagiarism

The manuscript will be rejected without the review process. The authors are requested to revise the manuscript and resubmit the same for consideration.

Plagiarism after publication

If plagiarism is found after publication, the editorial office will contact the corresponding author for clarification and then after verifying the copied content, the paper may be retracted.

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